Types of massages


Business leg lymphodrainage

Conditional treatment for the painfull, tired, slightly swollen legs.

Bussiness leg lymphodrainage + wahsing spa

Conditional treatment completed with algae peeling and sea salt rinse of the legs.

Fast lymphodrainage

One body part at the time. Arms, legs, face or abdomen lymphdrainage according to your choice.

From 15 €

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Lymphoedema drainage

Especially for those suffering lymphoedema, elephantleg symptomes.

Lipoedema drainage

May provide a solution when occurs excessive fat deposits on the thighs and aroud the hips.

Vein training

Therapy for the strongly varicose legs.

From 15 €

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Cellulit stop

Lymph drainage can considerably ameliorate the symptomes of cellulite. Painless, effect can be measured in centimetres.

Full body

Lymphatic massage improves lymphatic outflow, stimulates the immune system, promotes of waste material, detoxificates of the body.


Special massage technic uses warm basalt stones to relax your muscles.

From 30 €

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